Welcome to the journal of the process and the site of the book. This is a
long-term project of mine (1), in retrospect it has been simmering away
for my whole career (2). On this site you will be able to see the
progress of the project and read draft texts as they become available
(3). The blog itself will be an overview and comment on the research,
writing and design process as well as a place for me to record of my
thoughts and ideas and garner important feedback. The list of potential
titles for the book is a long one. A received wisdom is that non-fiction
titles should be snappy and eye-catching. Design Philosophy, or the
Philosophy of Design are patently not snappy but have the benefit of
being appropriate at least. I believe strongly in the original subtitle -
An Index of Possibilities - as that is certainly a useful description of my
vision of what constitutes design. So, you think you know about design?
is to some extent deliberately provocative; its not short and snappy
but it is perhaps eye-catching if only due to its length* but the idea
of it goes to the heart of the book’s function; what do we think we know
about design? and what do we know about how we think about design. As a
challenge to designers the title is also a serious question and I am
looking for active participation (4). In some senses everyone knows
about design, we all experience and use its manifestations every day but
it is a different matter to actively consider what and how we know, ie
are aware of through observation, inquiry, experience or information.
So please take a look around the site. I am excited that the project is
finally showing in public and hope you will accompany me on its journey
(5) I am very thankful to Format as it is an great platform for
integrating the blog and the work on the book itself.
*how long can a URL be? Short answer - de facto limit of 2000 characters.


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