Above: treated Passport photo (in which you are not meant to smile!)

Rod Clark studied Visual Communication at Bath Academy of Art, an independent school, under the Swiss Ruth and Benno Zehnder , both painters and designers, then designed for Bath Museum Service for a year. Further trained at the Royal College of Art on Exhibition Road, South Kensington, then also home to the painting studios, while designing on i-D magazine and with NATO and Katherine Hamnett. Followed by creating Underground magazine and working with The Sunday Times, publishers and design groups including Landor and Wolff Olins. He has practiced and taught design and been a maker for 25 years. Resident of Brighton and Hove since 1999, he began to focus on painting (“closer to the charm of an image rather than the rigour of a meaning” Foucault) as a main creative activity in 2011. Concurrently renewing experiments in typography, which are exclusively to do with meaning. Both activities aspire to some form of poesy. Current artworks comprise painting, printmaking and assemblages. He has recently returned from a two year teaching assignment in India and design writing -related visits to the Netherlands.


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