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Its hard to know what is of true value in the modern world. Many things are 'cost-free' (fonts, high-res images) and many things seem to be financially costly for no apparent reason (hikes in insurance premiums, parking fines) but we can all probably agree that the most valuable commodity we have, and also to give, is time. I have spent much time in the last 4 years researching and compiling material for these books, so you might say it is a only a freetime activity, but it is being done in the spirit of communication and is for a greater good; of students of design, designers and their clients and perhaps a wider public who themselves need to understand the role design can play in improving life. Less altruistically it is also being done for my own gratification and egotism in wishing to be published but that is of secondary importance to me - honest! What I am doing in essence is seeking out and digesting philosophical concepts and filtering these through my mentality as a designer and thus understanding the ideas and the psychologies that lay behind our activities, forming a metacognition of design motivations, processes, strategies and outcomes; coming to conclusions on why we design in the ways that we do, and to some extent thus how we design. All this uses up a lot of calories!

If you feel that the work I am doing in questioning assumptions, thinking about design and trying to build bridges from the past to the future, or even if you simply enjoy the site and the material you can offer some small financial support by donating here.

I will immortalize you and, if you wish, add your contact details, to my small-but-perfectly-formed Donors Chart.

If you donate a sizeable amount (I suggest £50 as a maximum) you will receive a copy of the 3-volume (plus cloth-bound, blind-embossed slip-case) upon publication. So you could think of that as a pre-order. I will send you a promisory note to that effect - I promise! This will also work cumulatively so if you donate a smaller amount now and some more later thats a way of investing - or paying by installments if you like.

It all costs money!

Coffee, Post-it notes (even in Poundland!), photocopies, phone credit, reference books (lots of money), registrations on research sites, a subscription to Format (a great portfolio building platform btw), another coffee! Broadband, notebooks (nice but cheap), library fines (oops!).

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