Design Philosophy; An Index of Possiblities was begun in 2010 as a WP blog under the title Design Philosophy and its posts were concerned with ideas of values in naming and language around design, ‘design-time’ (multiple-speed periodicity) innovation and systems. A somewhat oblique look at design posts were about the biro, design ‘classics’, British military vehicles, the iPod/iTunes system and the history of the record player. From this beginning the project has grown organically into a very thorough and structured investigation of design as a central human activity; themes include how values initiate and are embedded in design as a cultural force, the importance of technology, the social role design has and how design performs in and over time and the nature of multiple interpretations. Other themes which permeate the work are; the nature of parts and wholes, what is hidden and what remains opaque, what aids or inhibits the design process, logic and intuition, structures of knowledge and understanding and how design problems are posited, how the resources used in design are configured and what design can be expected to do to address social and organisational issues.

The philosophical in my title is more aligned to its literal meaning (‘love of knowledge’) than any highly technical exposition. though I am employing elements after the methods of various philosophers. The writing is aimed at a wide readership; primarily of interest to designers but also to clients, commissioners and executives as well as the general public.

Below Screengrabs of the first iteration of the work.
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