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“Design Potentialities,” where he discusses both the analytic and
synthetic dimensions of design, as they were understood in the
1940s.2 For Moholy-Nagy


Kees Dorst understanding design
platitudinous - etym
dismaying etm

Lothar Ledderose, Ten Thousand Things Princeton 2000

Tony Fry New design Philosophy 1999

transmogrification etym

technology etym

language of design
as if speaking it makes you a designer
why do so many people want to be designers
authorship/self-realisation(selfish)(expression)/altruistic motives - do student questionnaire
because they weren't fit for anything else?

design as a language

James Buchan's Capital of the Mind: How Edinburgh Changed the World

heim michael r

diagonal, as an intellect approach?

decisión support systems

leibnizs monads

heidiggers dasein


french wine classifications medic bourgeois

riddle where ideas come better

agnes denes

logarythmic scales

relatavistic ?

etym of virtual

rate of data increase?

define principles

define meta

Michael dobbins theorist

moral v ethical differences
lawson b 80 how designers think
nussbaum creative intelligence

The Nature of Order

Michael halilday

Rudolph Arnheim semiotics

In India, the firm Idiom is wildly creative.
triple platinum

radical Design Italy

Michael beirut

Pythagoras museum well whats in it?

impredicativity of the definitions;

flowers of decay peter sedgewick NOT FOUND

Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex. The translation by H. M. Parshley is one of the most handsome volumes in the Everyman’s Library series,
published by David Campbell Publishers Ltd.

definition of creativity

(Jensen 1999, Alessi 2000). Jensen predicts that the Dream Society

Enslaved (define) Robot Czech word for slave 'to'

Hegel the three terms of the syllogism

Graham harman Object oriented philosophy


Clifford Geertz webs of significance

Nathan Shedroff design is the problem e-books?

Rorty’s Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature.)

the myth of the given.

Heidegger’s introduction to Being and Time,


define the function and character of logic - also etymol

Truisma truisms

ebooks - get whole of russell myst and logic




The Circuit of Culture,
Paul du Gay,

Susan Pearce
describes collecting in contemporary culture


Jonathan Chapman’s concept of emotional

origin of object-oriented

Elizabeth Grossman's excellent High Tech Trash



Merleau-Ponty and

origin of hijack

define of piratical



nostalgia de la boue



the passionate state of mind
and other aphorisms
ERIC Hoffer
"when people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other"

dominant logic

The cathedral and the Bazaar - Eric Raymond

Linu's Law
The more eyeballs are available all bugs are shallow
shouldn't this relate to society )+ who should change ; yourself or others?
also when viewing others actions we attribute them to character (distance) whereas our own actions are seen in the light of context (up close)

self-optimising criticality

The robust federation - principles of design
Jenna bednar

Form, chance and Dimension


how and why museums collect design


Dutch information architect Paul Mijksenaar
‪Visual Function‬: ‪An Introduction to Information Design‬

gladwell blink
anatomy of an iPhone
Timothy d Wilson Strangers to ourselves
design process: adaptive unconscious

New Design Philosophy: An Introduction to Defuturing published in 1999

Aeron chair

Michel beirut NY times rework) to into_ori-banal

Bucky fuller knob or revolutionary?

Silvan tomkins Paul Ekman
Facial Action Coding System

T-shaped thinkers championed by Bill Moggridge at IDEO
mobilizing design in their work Kimbell 2011
Lorraine Justice design in china
37 signals
liane gabora honing creativity
torrance tests
21st century learning
odyssey of the mind
etymology of indagate
daniel pin a whole new mind 2005
PRINT cboym nostalgia

Donald Schon The reflexive Practitioner

Semantic turn get full

Humberto Maturana language as co-ordination

Ernst Kapp phi of tech
John Dewey
Heidegger's The Question Concerning Technology.
Lelia Green
Culture of design Guy Julier
design effectiveness
design management
design studies
the long now
Minotaurus bookshop at the Sint Antoniesbreestraat 3d in the city centre of Amsterdam

tacit etym

Design Research Through Practice

Teresa Amabile,

James C. Kaufman and Robert J. Sternberg, eds., The International Handbook of
Creativity (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2006),

Csikszentmihalyi, FLOW

Positive Psychology Martin Seligman’s first book on his theories (which argued that helplessness was learned,
rather than innate, behavior)

Carol Dweck

Harvard University’s Howard Gardner and Tufts
University’s Robert Sternberg—who have changed our view of intelligence and creativity

strategy guru Gary Hamel has observed, management is a technology.


Beyond Boredom and Anxiety.)




E. T. Gendlin Thinking at the Edge


Stengel’s “Five Fields of Fundamental Human Values”:
hitoricist (criticism)? relatavism
journal of material culture
derrida Positions
why some things matter Daniel Miller 1998
leo stern The ABC of Aesthetics NY 1927
lacan The Thing
Zizek Much ado about a thing. enjoyment as a political factor 1991
The social life of things Arjun Appadurai Cambridge 1986
Susan stewart On longing: narratives of the miniature, The Gigantic, The souvenir the collection (Baltimore 1984)
Wilson Castaway 2000
Revenge of the crystal. Writings on the modern object and its destiny 68-83 Bauadrillard
Cornelius castoriadis imagaginary Instit of society
By means of a pareticular "socialization of the psyche", then "each society imposes upon the subject's senses, on the corporeal imagination" by which materialty as such is apprehended (I pp.334)

Man ray Object to be destroyed
Cut out the eye from a photograph of one who has been loved but is seen no more. Attach the eye to the pendulum of a metronome and regulate the weight to suit the tempo desired. Keep going to the limit of endurance. With a hammer well-aimed, try to destroy the whole at a single blow.

Donald judd Specific Objects 1965


‘non-philosophy’ of François Laruelle.


words for objects synonyms
thing, object, entity, item, unit, part (of system) module, etc

scribd.com 48$ pa


Koert van Mensvoort
Innovative Nostalgia – Designing the Future Referring to the Past, published in the Dutch Design Yearbook 2013
clement greenberg
rasperry pi computer
O.B. Hardison, Jr.,
Disappearing Through the Skylight: Culture and Technology in the Twentieth

Penelope Spheris’ Decline of Western Civilization Part One

Designing Design by Kenya Hara
history of scottish inventions
Leaving the 20th century
Chapter 3 of N. Katherine Hayles’ How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in
Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics, Chicago University Press, 1999.

Technology and the Good Life?

define sea-change

print rearrangement of everything

transductive relationship

Bernard Stiegler

Institute for the Future of the Book (IF:book)

Mike Wesch’s movie The Machine is Us/ing Us;


marshall german All that is solid melts into air (on modernism)

augusto morello get more
chart of machines explanation

theory of relavity -time

Caspar Henderson, Book of Barely Imagined Beings: a 21st Century Bestiary,

Christopher Norris, Deconstruction and ‘The Unfinished Project of Modernity’. London: Athlone Press, 2000, 11.

British pragmatism (Peirce, James, Mead, Dewey, Austin)

iBomb graphic

Hans Magnus Enzensberger, "Constituents of a Theory of the Media,"
New Left Review 64 (1970)

Cities Are Good For You: The Genius of the Metropolis by Leo Hollis,
published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

cities of the world map - appendix
masdar brasilia etc

ignotem per ignotius

Andrei Codrescu, The Posthuman Dada Guide: Tzara and Lenin Play Chess
how we became post human N Katherine Hayles

Bayley and Mavity Life's a Pitch 2007
theatre of war/cruelty/absurd

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