The Vision

"The only complete reading is that which transforms the book into a simultaneous network of reciprocal relations." J. Rousset *

3 books as a kind of dialogue
List ways in which they could be used together. 3 spreads. Studying - BIRB

Game of edges
Pp in all three books have half images bleeding l and r. This is like studying - having 3 books open at once. It also creates 'a space' between ideas, on each page - wherein new ideas/connections can flourish

* Born: Geneva,  1910 – 2002. His 1963 book Forme et Signification explored new theoretical possibilities; Jacques Derrida has called it one of the principal works of early structuralism. Rousset focussed on formal elements such as narrative structure in determining the meaning of a work.

Above: Early cover explorations in Futura

In the psychoanalytic theory of Jacques Lacan, objet petit a ("object little-a") stands for the unattainable object of desire. He always insisted that the term should remain untranslated, "thus acquiring the status of an algebraic sign" (Écrits).

'The "a" in question stands for "autre" (other), the concept having been developed out of the Freudian "object" and Lacan's own exploitation of "otherness."

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